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4th victory in Dutch long distance classic Stein - 28 june 2014

I never would have thought that I would like the drafting races on the short distance. I'm not really good in short distance racing, and especially when drafting is allowed it is not in my favor. But racing with a team gives me so much motivation that I love it! 

On the 8th of June we started with our Trivio Long Distance Team in the "Eredivisie" race, the National Championships on the Sprint distance in Amsterdam. For me personally it would be one long sprint from the start. We raced in the afternoon, so I did a good warm-up. The swim was ok and once I started the bike I was on my own with the groups out of reach too far in front or behind me. The first 10 km I rode alone, but then I catched one girl and we could cycle together. That saved me some energy.

When I started the run, it felt fast, but I knew that it was only a 5 km. Unfortunatly I got a penalty of 10 seconds because I parked my bike the wrong way in the transition area. After my stop my level of adrenaline was even higher. So I kept running fast and the result was that I ran a PB and finished 19th. 

With our team we did a great job again. We were 3rd overall and in the standings we are 2nd now. There were still 3 races to come so anything is possible.

Two weeks later it was time for my former home race, the half triathlon of Stein. This year it is for the first time an Ocean Lava race. Last two years I was not able to finish because of an injury and a fall. So this year I was very eager to finish!.

The day before the race it was time for the third race in the "Eredivisie", the sprint distance in Stein. I was there to support the team from the sideline. They did a great job again and finished as team again third.

On Sunday morning it was time for me and fellow teammates: Carla, Corine, May and Tineke. I noticed that I was a little bit nervous. Hopefully it was healthy stress. At 10 o'clock we went off. I had a very good swim and came out of the water as 4th woman. For me that does not happen very often. After 15 km on the bike I was already in the lead. I'm not used to that and I did not really like it. Normally I'm chasing and know what the time gap is between me and the persons in front. Now I didn't have a clue how far the ladies were behind me. So that made me a little bit nervous. Especially when I started the last loop and my coach yelled to me: "and now you go"! What I thought, are they so close to me?

Luckily I came into T2 as first woman. I had some confidence for the run, because in the last races the run went well. But I knew as well that the race isn't over till you cross the finish line.

The first 10 km didn't feel comfy. I had to work for it and I knew at that time what the gap was with the other ladies. But then I finally found my rythm. At that time I knew that I could win the race. I was very happy with the result. My first win in Stein was 10 years ago. Know I won here for the fourth time. 

It was a good test for Roth. I have still 2 weeks with some key sessions and then with a good taper Iīm well prepared for July the 20th. Itīs a race which is already for a long time on my wish list. Iīm really looking forward to race one of the oldest and fastest races in the world. 

Photos by: Sonja Jaarsveld, Christie Brouwer, Marc v/d Kort, Diana Smeets

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A diverse month May - 1 June 2014

It's already the beginning of June and the triathlon season is in full swing. Time to update my webpage. What did I do in May? Well quite a lot: 3 races and numerous training sessions.

The start of May Rob and I went to Mallorca for one week. I could train in Colonia de Sant Jordi at the Best Swim Centre. A wonderful training place. There I did the Olympic (drafting) triathlon. A nice race, but it would be even nicer if I could swim a little bit faster. I had to do the bike part all by my self. Anyway I'm happy with my 5th place. The days after the race I did a lot of cycling on this beautiful island.

I was home exactly for one day before we went to the Netherlands for one week. At the end of this week I did the National Championships Olympic Distance. This race was part of the "Eredivisie" races where our Trivio Long Distance Team takes part in. It was an amazing race where our team tactics really worked out. I was tenth overall, biked well, ran well and the reward was that our team won the race!

After the race Rob and I drove back to our home in Compiegne. One week training at home before we went again to the Netherlands for the next race: the half triathlon of Nieuwkoop. This race consists of 2,5 km of swimming (this time it was almost 3 km), 81 km of biking and 20 km of running. Because of the relatively long swim, this race is not in my favour as a weak swimmer, but it is a good opportunity to train the swim! The swim went well. Once on the bike, I could not find my bike legs. They were stiff and painfull, probably because of the long road trip the day before in the car. But I didn't give up. I knew that Hanneke de Boer had a big gap with me, but second woman would be certainly possible. My run was decent, and so I could finish as second female overall.

The day after the race I cycled back home from Aalsmeer to Compiegne with Carla van Rooijen. It was fun, the first day we cycled 270 km and ended up in Brussels. The next day we did the second stage. So that were 535 km in two days! Really cool to do that once in your lifetime and probably a good build block towards Roth! This month I will do two races: the National Championships Sprint Triathlon in Amsterdam and the Ocean Lava half triathlon of Stein. All the training sessions in between will certainly be focused on the main goal: the 20th of July!

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Dutch Champion Duathlon in Powerman Horst - 14 April 2014

The season has started! For this year I defined 3 races as my A races. And the first one was this weekend, the EC/NC duatlon long distance in Powerman Horst, The Netherlands. The result: National Champion and 6th in the European Championships!

The preparation went well. I had two good training weeks in March on Fuerteventura with our Trivio Long Distance team. It's much nicer to train with others than to do everything by yourself. Besides that it can make you and the others stronger when you train together. When I got home I did some real good key sessions for Powerman Horst. From these sessions I got some self-confidence back. I knew that the real speed for running wasn't there yet, but that a time under 1 hour on the first 15 km was possible.

Despite my race experience, I started to doubt a little bit last week. Because of the rest before the race last week, all the fatigue came out of my body. It felt like I became worse and worse everyday. But of course this is the way a taper works. If you do it right you will feel good on race day! And it was like that. When I started my warming up, my legs felt as if they were ready to race. 

The race itself went exactly as I planned. The first run I wanted to run steady and then the plan was to attack on the bike. The first loop of the bike I had to warm-up a little (I'm a diesel), but in the next two loops I made up some time on most of the women in front of me (except for European Champ Jenny Schultz, who had the fastest bike split). I'm very happy with my bike level for this moment. In the last run the real aggressive style was gone, but I tried to keep my rythm. I made up quite some time on the number 5 in the EC, but came short 3 seconds on the finishline. This is a nice boost for the start of the season!  - top


3rd in Meaux - 8 March 2014

Spring has arrived. Today it will be 17C! I love this season, when you are running through the forest you slowly see the trees turning green. During my rides I smell the fresh blossom. By being outside you feed your body with energy. Then I'm really happy that I'm a triathlete.

Last weekend I did the duatlon of Meaux. It's a race close to where I live over the short distance, 6,5 km run-25 km bike-2,5 km run. This race was meant to get some race rythm for the upcoming goal the European Championships Powerman in Horst in 6 weeks. It was a steady race, but I'm not happy with my run at the moment. I'm looking for my running legs, but I haven't found them yet. But I keep seeking, I'm sure I will find them. The bike was good, and got me into 3rd place at the end.

Within a week I'm leaving for Fuerteventura. We organized a trainingcamp with the Trivio Long Distance Team over there (see the link to our new website below). I'm very much looking forward to it. It's always nice to train together, espacially when you normally train a lot by your self. We will push each other and make each other stronger!

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A new year with new opportunities - 18 january 2014

Itís already 2014, so itís time for new plans. Last year didnít go as I hoped for. A stress-fracture made me not run as much as I wanted. Luckily this time has gone by and I have all confidence for the future now. I have taken a longer break than I am used to, and since the end of December I have started to rebuild my basis. Iím fit and have made nice plans. Itís going to be a year with nice goals and challenges.

Before talking about my race plans I would like to update you about our ladies-only triathlon team, called Long Distance Team. Besides competing in the ďEredivisieĒ league (a circuit of 5 top level short distance races in The Netherlands), we have further build and grown our team and we will now much more be competing together also in the other races we are racing. Iím looking forward to it! Soon the sponsors will be announced and the new website will be launched. So stay tuned!

At this moment Iím at my favorite trainingspot, at Trisports Lanzarote. And I am definitely not the only pro training in Lanzarote at the moment. Iím working hard to get a good base for the rest of the season. Unfortunately the weather is not as it used to be. I have had 3 out of 5 days with rain since I have arrived. But the temperature is much nicer as it is back home. The only thing is that you have to clean your bike every dayÖ

Talking about my race schedule then, Iím very excited by the fact that this year both the European Championships long distance duathlon and triathlon are hosted by races in The Netherlands. The first race where I want to peak are the European Championships (and Dutch Championships as well) Powerman duathlon in Horst. The other two peak races for this season are full distance triathlons: the Challenge Roth and the European Championships (and again Dutch Championships as well) Challenge Almere. Besides I will do some Eredivisie races like the Dutch Championships on the Olympic and Sprint Distances and of course I will start in the half triathlon of Stein (my former home race). I hope itís going to be a nice year and I hope that I stay injury free!

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